Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Review: The Goody Spin Pin

This thing is all the rage, apparently. I happened to stumble across them at my local Target and decided to try them out. At $6 for a pack of two, they're not the cheapest hair accessory.

Let me say, I have been putting my hair in buns for ballet classes for years. And not just twisting it up with a rubber band and a few bobby pins - I'm talking thick elastics, many large 3" hair pins, hair nets, and sometimes barrettes. In ballet class, the last thing you want to worry about is your hair flying out in the middle of a double pirouette.

With that in mind, I knew that this wasn't a product designed for serious bun-makers, but rather for ladies who like to twist their hair out of their face without elastic damage and a handful of bobby pins. So, I gave it a try. For only two corkscrew pins, I was impressed with the hold. I've been able to teach several ballet classes with the spin pins holding my hair in place. Granted, if I start dancing around too much, the hold loosens. But for the most part, my hair stayed in place well.

You simply twist your hair into a bun, and "corkscrew" the pins into the bun (from the side) in a clockwise motion. To undo, simply unscrew the pins in a counter-clockwise motion.

Bottom line:  if my hair can stay up for teaching a few dance classes, I think the average woman will find success with the Spin Pin.

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