Thursday, July 8, 2010

DIY Style: Ruffle Shoes

I stumbled across Maegan's How-To Make a Louboutin-Inspired Petal Sandal and loved it!  I always appreciate fellow crafty ladies, especially ones who can make something awesome out of almost nothing.  Check out her blog; she has lots of interesting projects!!

I made it with a slight modification to the mechanics of the strap, so here's my How-To (refer to Maegan's, as well)!  I also cross-posted this on my craft blog.

Inspiration: Louboutin Petal Sandal

Step 1
Gather supplies - I used sheer crepon fabric (apprx. 1/2 yard, it has a little more weight than chiffon), ribbon (apprx. 1/2 yard), scissors, thread, pins/needles, snaps and old strappy sandals.

Step 2
Cut out petal shapes.

Step 3
Measure sandals and cut ribbon accordingly.  I sewed snaps onto the ribbon to fold over the T-bar strap of the sandals.  I decided it would be easier to sew on the snaps at this point, before the ribbon was covered in confusing petals.  Helpful hint: burn the edges of the ribbon with a lighter to prevent fraying.

Step 4
Pin base petals onto ribbon and stitch.  Let them pucker/gather a little bit for texture.

Step 5
Continue to stitch on more petals.  The fluffier, the better.

Step 6
Snap (or velcro, if you used that) onto shoes.

And there ya go!  Please excuse the bruises on my knees, it's performance week and I'm in the theater every night rolling around on my knees! :-(

And Bandit likes to get into the scraps and bite on the material!

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That zany bun bun. He's just too cute! And rather dapper, I might add :)