Friday, August 6, 2010

Outfit Of The Day: Extremely Casual Friday

As in.....Chuck Taylor casual.  I kid you not, these are my Converse from middle school (and there are early '90s Pearl Jam lyrics written on them by a 7th grade Mary Ann).

Also, I love this jacket/vest thing.  It has sleeves I can unzip on and off, and another longer section I can unzip on and off.  I'm a sucker for versatility.

Shirt: H&M, many seasons ago
Vest/Jacket: Victoria's Secret London Jean, many seasons ago {here}
Jeans: Mossimo for Target, many seasons ago {similar style here}
Shoes: Chuck Taylor Coverse, from the '90s {here}
Earrings: Made by a friend from flattened quarters


The Pretty Pauper said...

I love those earrings! Cute bunny!

(The Pretty Pauper)
Feel free to check out my blog:)

Lori B said...

This post totally makes me want to bust out my Chucks from high school! I have writing all over mine as well lol.

Mary Ann said...

That's awesome Lori - you totally should. ;-)