Monday, August 30, 2010

Outfit Of The Day: That Dress

This dress - I made it from redrafting 3 different patterns.  And the fabric was horrible to sew - maybe that's why it was on clearance for $4/yard. :-)  This pattern started as a top, the dress came second.  Original top here, dress here.

Sidenote: Yay, Bandit's back!
Dress: Made by me
Belt: Came with an H&M skirt {last seen in this post}
Shoes: Palizzio (vintage)
Headband: Marie Hayden "Black and Tan Applique" (purchased at Bendel's in NYC) {here}


Lilly said...

Gorgeous dress, you did a great job!

Mere said...

Awesome job! It's so cute! I know how hard it is to sew a dress so major props to you!

Veronika said...

so pretty! you're talented :)

love that the bunny is back!

Mary Ann said...

Thanks Ladies!! I'm glad Bandit is back, too, haha!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

That dress is gorgeous! I love it!

pearls and green tea said...

That's awesome!! I always wanted to learn how to sew..