Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Outfit Of The Night: For Salsa Dancing

These salsa outfits are strategically planned each week.  See, as much as I love swishing a skirt, the jeans are more practical for one reason alone - they have pockets!  Into one back pocket goes my phone, into the other goes my license/i.d., credit card and business card.  There's no place to set a purse while I'm dancing, at least not where thieves couldn't get into it.  So anyways, here's this week's salsa outfit.

Top: Forever21 {last seen in this post}
Jeans: H&M {similar style here}
Dance Shoes: Ray Rose "Cyclone" {here}
Nails: China Glaze "For Audrey" {here}


Anonymous said...

Love the outfit.

Mary Ann said...

Thanks Jennifer!

Lilly said...

Great outfit! Love your style.

Mary Ann said...

Thanks Lilly!