Monday, October 25, 2010

Polish: My Picks from MAC Disney Venomous Villains Collection

You can't go wrong with any of these! I picked up:
Mean & Green (green base that flashes purple, gold, and pink)
Bad Fairy (rose base that flashes magenta and warm golden reddish orange)
I love these!  Kinda crazy and fun - definitely unique.  They're duo-chrome glitter foils, very complex. Formula is a bit sheer; you need either two thick coats or three thin ones. 

Honorable mentions: Formidable.  Check out All Lacquered Up for more swatches and reviews.  These are quite flashy - what do you think?


Valerie said...

Every time you post polish picks... I sigh becuase I am so horrible at painting my own nails I will not wear anything but clear. ha!

Mary Ann said...

Valerie - you can learn! I used to suck at nail painting, but I did it about two times per week for about 6 months to get good at it. And I've been perfecting the technique for over a year now to get better at it. It just takes a lot of practice. ;-)

The Higgenbottom said...

cuuute! i love glitter nail polish, but i find it so difficult to remove. do you have this problem?

Mary Ann said...

Yes, it's always a pain to remove!

Terri said...

Where on earth did you find them? Ive been watching online trying to score them, but no luck.

Also, for glitter, if you hold a cotton pad/ball with acetone nail polish on each nail for 30seconds to a minute before trying to rub it off, it seems to help? At least for me. (Sorry to sound so know-it-all!)

Mary Ann said...

My friend picked them up for me at the MAC store they day they came out!

I usually get the cotton really saturated, but I haven't tried holding it on there - good idea, I'll try that next time. ;-)