Thursday, November 4, 2010

Currently Coveting: Lanvin for H&M

1.  I saw the video a couple of days ago and loved the petticoat dress (in both red and black).  Today, they have the collection online with prices and holy cow, it's $250!  I was totally planning on buying this dress if it were under $100, but this revelation puts a kink in my plans!

2. My 2nd fave is this floral dress, also $250. 

Check out more looks online; will you buy any?  Do they seem pricey to you?  I wonder how nice the material and construction is for the price.  I love all the ruffles and gathers and fabric draping!


Anh said...

They're so cute and fun! I'm excited to see what they look like in person, too. The fabric better be good!

Mere said...

The first dress in black was my first choice and I was super disappointed today when I saw it was $250! I don't think I can justify that cost. I'm bummed!!

The second dress you posted is so cute too. I didn't see anything in this collection I didn't like.

Natasha xoxo said...

Not sure I could pull it off, but the third dress is adorable!

<3, natasha @ twenty-something blog