Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fab Finds: @ Asos Online

My second order from Asos arrived without any shipping mishaps (the first was "lost," they refunded my money, then it showed up a month and a half later post-marked from Germany).  I'm diggin' their free shipping and free return shipping to the UK, so there's no risk!  I saw this navy coat online and loved it (other colors available)!  The back, my favorite part, laces up, the front is shorter than the back, the whole skirt of the waist is pleated, the waist is well-defined, and there are some interesting pin-tucks on the shoulders.

I also ordered this little shirt (okay really, it's a slip type thing; they call it a petticoat), but I like it with a nude camisole underneath.  Only black is available now.


Lilly said...

What a great coat! It looks fab on you.

Anonymous said...

love the coat!

Mere said...

That coat is so fabulous! Love it!!!