Saturday, December 11, 2010

DIY Style: A Cute, Prosh Hair Bow

After making the skirts for the dance show this weekend, I needed to make some hair pieces!  I was inspired by a DIY bow project on Casey's Elegant Musings (another wonderful seamstress who makes gorgeous vintage-inspired outfits and accessories), and decided to make my own from her instructions.  This probably isn't a bow you would normally wear out and about, but it works great for a costume or for kids' hair.

These skirts (at bottom of post) and bows are the reason why I've been slack on the DIY projects lately! :-)
Small amount of fabric
Sewing machine (but this could easily be done by hand)

Step 1
Cut out two pieces of fabric, one rectangle measuring 4 inches by 13 inches, and a smaller one measuring 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches.
Step 2
With right sides together, stitch long side of larger rectangle at seam allowance (0.5 inch) leaving an opening in the center (to turn right side out).  Trim loose threads/ragged edges.
Step 3
Press open, centering seam.
Step 4
Stitch a V shape into the ends and trim close to stitching.
Step 5
Turn right side out, through center opening, and press.
Step 6
Stitch bow knot at seam allowance (0.5 inch), trim seam, turn and press, centering seam.
Step 7
Place pins at center mark, and 2.5 inches from ends.
Step 8
Fold bow so that the pins towards the outside meet at the center pin.  Pin in place and stitch together (on back/seam side).
Step 9
Pinch bow and wrap bow knot around the center, folding over the raw edge and pinning in the back.  Stitch in place.
Step 10
Stitch bow to barrette (I removed the innards to make the hand stitching easier).
Step 11
Replace the barrette innards and you're done!
A few more I made
The dancers with fancy skirts and bows!

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