Wednesday, December 22, 2010

DIY Style: Re-Vamping Vintage, Part I

I scored some fabulous vintage finds recently (at the Rag-O-Rama for you ATLiens) that need a little bit of help!!  First up is a stretchy knit 1960s dress.  I was with my mom at the store and read the label, "Edano for Cedar Lane, a Division of Jonathan Logan," to which she exclaims, "Jonathan Logan!!?? I wore that brand when I was a teenager!"

This is a super cute dress, but the hem was practically mutilated and a rhinestone decoration was loose (and missing a few rhinestones, but that doesn't make it flawed, it means it has "character," as my dad and I like to refer to vintage not-too-perfect items).  However, these are very easy fixes, especially when the dress only cost $11.

Step 1
Assess damage.  The hem looks like it was raggedly cut with a pair of pinking shears and it's a bit uneven; also, the aforementioned rhinestone decoration needs to be restitched.
Step 2
I aligned the measuring stick with the waist seam to even off the hem.
Step 3
I serged the newly cut hem.
Step 4
I ironed the hem up 1 inch, pinned and hand-stitched in place (stretching the fabric as I went to avoid tightness/gathering).
Step 5
I re-ironed the hem.
Step 6
I hand-stitched the rhinestone decoration back into place, lint-rolled the dress, and tried it on.
I noticed when I was lint-rolling the dress that there are several moth holes.  I thought about trying to sew them up but figured it would look worse and left them be.  For $11, they're really not noticeable at all.

Part II is coming tomorrow and it's a gorgeous 1940s jacket!


Leena said...

you look stunning!

kenyatta Manning Pictures said...

a vintage dress for $11...Great find!!!

Natasha xoxo said...

Love the tights!

<3, natasha

Mary Ann said...

Thanks ladies!!

Anonymous said...

That's the dress you tried on at ragorama!

Mary Ann said...

Haha, you're right!