Thursday, December 23, 2010

DIY Style: Re-Vamping Vintage, Part II

Here's the second installment of Re-Vamping Vintage!  My other recent, fabulous find (also at the Rag-O-Rama) is a 1940s jacket with fitted, tailored waist, peplum, and black velvet collar and cuffs.  This one also needed a bit of help; there are a few loose seams and buttons/snaps that need replacing.  This awesome jacket cost $16!  I wouldn't be surprised if it originally had a matching skirt.  Perhaps something along the lines of this:

Step 1
Assess damage.  Again, there were seams that needed to be restitched via machine (or by hand), the front overlapping panel is missing a decorative button, and a few snaps need to be restitched.

Step 2
Pin seams together and stitch by machine or hand (I found 3 that needed repair).
Step 3
I chose a 1.25 inch vintage-inspired decorative button and sewed it onto the front flap/panel.
Step 4
I replaced some of the tiny missing snaps with larger, more durable snaps.
Step 5
I reinforced any other seams that were amiss.

I really like how fitted and tailored the waist is, and I love the peplum.


Leena said...

mary ann that jacket is to die for! great find, and great work fixing it up! :)

Mary Ann said...

Thanks Leena! I can't wait to wear it. ;-)