Saturday, December 4, 2010

Outfit Of The Day: Going To The Ballet, Again!

These aren't my first choice of shoes for this outfit; last night, I dropped a chair on my big toe and broke and bruised the nail.  Today, that wonderful toe is swollen and will barely squeeze into this vintage pair of rounded-toe heels.  Also Bandit isn't cooperating and won't stay in the frame, as he's more interested in checking out the Christmas tree I brought in last night.  Between me hobbling back and forth to the camera self-timer, Bandit doing his own thing, my painful toe, and cloudy skies (bad natural lighting), I wasn't able to capture good pictures today.

But on a fun note, I'm headed to see my friend dance the role of Snow Queen in the Nutcracker!

Blouse: New York & Company {last seen in this post}
Skirt: Tucker for Target {last seen in this post}
Tights: Small-hole nude fishnets {similar style here} {last seen in this post}
Shoes: I.Miller lizard-skin (vintage) {last seen in this post}
Necklace: Purchased in Montreal {last seen in this post}


Chrissy said...

Beautiful outfit! I really adore this coat! What size did you take? I may be ordering one tonight, but UK sizing throws me off.

No Guilt Fashion said...

What a wonderful outfit for going to see the Nutcracker. I wish I was going this year, but the Omaha Ballet that did ABC's version closed down last year. I'm very disappointed about this.
No Guilt Fashion

Mary Ann said...

Thanks Ladies!!

Chrissy - I ordered a US 2/UK 6. It's very fitted at the waist. I'm 25.5 inches at the waist and it "just" fits with a lightweight shirt on; the shoulders fit great.

Veronika said...

gorgeous coat and love the skirt too!

Leena said...

love the skirt and coat!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful outfit! That coat is gorgeous and is so you. Love that skirt. Sorry about your toe-ouch that hurts. My son dropped a full sippy cup on my big toe in the grocery store one day and I had a deep purple bruise for a year after that, doh!

Mary Ann said...

Thanks Ladies!

Andi, that sounds like it hurts, too! ;-(