Friday, December 17, 2010

Outfit Of The Day: A Gold Lace Shirt

I made this top about 5 years ago when I lived in's longer, like a tunic, with a scalloped lace hem.  Today was the first day I thought to wear it tucked into a skirt!

Top: Made by me
Belt: H&M (came with this skirt) {last seen in this post}
Shoes: Jessica Simpson "Amona" (Giambattista Valli knock-offs) {last seen in this post}
Tights: Small-hole fishnets {last seen in this post}
Bracelet: Lia Sophia {last seen in this post}


Mere said...

Love the silhouette of this outfit! Looks great!

Veronika said...

umm this outfit is fab---and your legs! my goodness! you need to share your workout tips :)

Mary Ann said...

Haha thanks ladies!! Veronika - I'm a ballet and ballroom dancer/teacher, that's all I do! ;-)