Saturday, January 15, 2011

Video: Retro Vintage Pinup Hairstyle and Makeup

I have a special treat today!  This has been on my to-do list for months, and since I've been snowed-in iced-in all week, I finally made both my retro vintage pinup hair and makeup videos!

I generally keep the retro makeup look the same (neutral eye shadows, black eye liner, red lipstick), but I change the hair often.  People frequently ask me how to do retro hair and makeup, so here's my first set of videos.  This is the most difficult and laborious hairstyle I've done thus far, so I plan on making some simpler and easier hair videos!

Oh, and just ignore my awkwardness in the makeup was my first one.

I did both my and Carrie's hair for this event.

Same style at Halloween!


Catanya said...

Oh! Great videos, honey! I loved the one about Pinup Hairstyle, its awesome!
Love from a new follower,

Jessica said...

Loved these videos! I'm really looking forward to trying some Victory Rolls :)

Keep them coming!

Mary Ann said...

Thank you ladies!! I want to make more hair vids! ;-)

Veronika said...

love your videos! :) thanks for posting these!

Anonymous said...

Love these! Thanks! I think I may start practicing! You are so beautiful by the way and I LOVE your eyes!

Mary Ann said...

Thanks Jennifer, it's all in the makeup! :-)

And if you do these hairstyles, post pics - I want to see!