Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Miss Being A Ballerina

I was thinking that it's interesting since I started blogging and following blogs more closely, how even though many of us are all internet strangers, I feel like I've gotten to know some of you very well.  Through perusing your blogs, leaving comments, gaining inspiration and tips and tricks and ideas, I've been able to forge some friendly alliances.

Now, I'm not much of a writer.  I have lots of thoughts that run through my head, but I rarely feel the need to document them.  I think that you probably don't know much about me, as I don't write much about myself.  I generally keep things factual and concrete, relating to the pictures represented.  I love pictures and photography and visual documentation.  If anyone has figured out what my "style" is, I'd love to know!  I have no idea what to call it.

But I know it's very influenced by my upbringing at the ballet and in the studio.  I love, love, love lace, tulle, ruffles, satin, fitted waists, hair flowers, sweetheart necklaces, cap sleeves.....white, ivory, champagne, peach, blush colors....beautifully arched feet, hyperextended knees, delicate and soft arms.  My favorite ballet era is the Romantic era (with the longer tutus, softer port de bras and fleeting moments en pointe).  I don't dance en pointe any more because of ankle tendonitis, but lately I've been thinking how much I miss being a ballerina.  I love dancing in the contemporary dance company I'm in now, but I never get to be soft and pretty and delicate on stage as an ethereal, supernatural creature of the woods any more.  I'll leave with a few old photos of me from my ballerina days!

(Wow, I got out 3 whole paragraphs.  That may be a Dapper Bun record!)

From Giselle, circa 2001 (premiered in 1841)

From Le Grand Pas De Quatre, circa 2005 (premiered in 1845).  I'm in profile (and I made all the headpieces).
You may or may not recognize the above pose from the famous lithograph (1845).

From Swan Lake, circa 2004 (Petipa/Ivanov version premiered in 1895)

From Firebird, circa 2005 (premiered in 1910)


Ashley said...

Pretty Mary Ann! I can definitely see how dancing has influenced your style. Your very confident with your body (I mean, you have to be to wear those costumes, right?!) and think that that is a blessing from your love of dance as well.

Veronika said...

i love ballet too :) i can see how dancing has influenced your style as well and I love it!

Mary Ann said...

Thanks Ladies! I appreciate the compliments!

ballerina said...

She is very beautiful. I love her

TheStyleKludger said...

Love these! So beautiful.

Mary Ann said...

Thank you ladies!