Thursday, February 17, 2011

Outfit Of The Day: Blue Dress and Bare Legs

Wow, wow, wow...we've got a high of 72° in Atlanta today!  This is the first time I've pulled out my pasty, white legs this season and I forgot to shave, haha.  Good thing I don't care what anyone thinks about that!  In other news, I woke up with much less swelling and pain in my foot than I have in several weeks.  I'm sticking to flats for a little while.

Dress: Richard Chai for Target, several seasons ago
Coat: Old Navy {last seen in this post}
Shoes: Steve Madden "Heaven" {here} {last seen in this post}
Brooch: Vintage, gift from a friend
Gloves: Vintage, gift from a friend


Mere said...

So classy. Looks great. Yay for good weather. :-)

Mary Ann said...

Thanks Mere! I hope it sticks around.