Saturday, February 19, 2011

Outfit Of The Day: What Color Makes You Feel Good?

From photographing so many outfits, I've come to realize that I feel most comfortable in blacks, grays and nudes.  Even though they're not necessarily my favorite colors, I feel the most pulled together this way, especially since I've been dying my hair dark brown.  When I was blonde, I wore much lighter colors.  And I think most of us that are into fashion agree that when ya look good, ya feel good, right?  So what's your favorite color to wear?  Is it the one you feel most comfortable in?

Dress: Silence & Noise from Urban Outfitters {last seen in this post}
Cardigan: Rodarte for Target {similar style here} {last seen in this post}
Belt: H&M
Shoes: Cathy Jean {similar style here} {last seen in this post}
Bag: Michael Kors "Austin" {last seen in this post}
Necklace: Temple St. Clair for Target {here} {last seen in this post}


Anonymous said...

My favorite color to wear is a deep blue color. I think it compliments my pale skin well and makes my eyes pop.

Zarna said...

that dress looks beautiful on you! my favorite color to wear is yellow - its just so vibrant and always makes me feel happy :)

Mary Ann said...

I like both those colors ladies - though I don't wear yellow too often. I just bought a new dress with some yellow in it! ;-)

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