Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fab Finds: A Couple of Unique Things in Los Angeles

I actually kept the shopping to a minimum, but I was at a fun and funky store called Bohemian Exchange on Abbot Kinney and they had tons of feather earrings and hair clip-ins.  I love feathers about as much as I love lace and bows and tulle and ruffles, so I was instantly drawn to this super-duper long earring, singular. Yup, it's just one earring and it's as long as my hair!  It's fun because the feathers almost look like I have teal curls.  I'm thinking of making a DIY on this one because it would be super easy!

I also found this fun '70s/'80s leather jacket at American Vintage on Hollywood Blvd. for only $28! This store had tons of cowboy boots, but I was especially amused by the wedding dresses positioned right next to the denim overalls. There were also plenty of leather jackets and I wasn't even lookin' for this one; it jumped off the rack at me, perfect size.  It's a dark reddish brown leather with a cool tuck pleat detail and buttoned tabs.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! This is what I was asking about! It's totally rad and looks fab on you. You should totally start doing feather pieces for your Etsy store.

Carrie Couch said...

I'm ditching the pink and getting some feather extensions soon. I just ordered them online for super duper duper cheap! They're clip ins :)

I'm totally in love with that jacket. Let me know if you ever wanna ditch it. LOL

I'm so glad you made it to Abbott Kinney...I knew you would LOVE it over there!

Mary Ann said...

Feather extensions will look cool! You should check out the thrift shop.