Friday, May 27, 2011

So It's My Birthday (Picture Heavy)

::sigh:: And the end of an era....the end of my 20s.  I've been dreading this birthday for 1.5 years!  I'm officially 30. Yuck.

So how about instead of dealing with reality, I awkwardly avoid the situation and make fun of myself, like I always do. I wanted to present to you 30 years of dance photos - that was my master plan. But I've been dancing for 27 years, not 30, and my mom only brought me dance photos up through 1989.  You get to see me while I was still cute, before I got really ugly in the '90s, hahahahahha!!!  And also, now you see where my obsession with ruffles, lace, tulle and bows comes from.

Oh, I don't think I've mentioned on my blog that I'm naturally a blonde.  I have to dye this mess every month to my shiny shade of super dark brown.  So here ya go:

First recital, 1985.  Check out those ridiculous bangs.

I was a kitty cat in 1985

On stage with my cabbage patch doll.  What's up with the aggressive face?

Strugglin' to hit that passé position

I was also in the local paper that year!

1986, ridiculous bangs again.

My childhood next door neighbor and myself; we were cute, hehehe.

Cheerleader ballerina, wth?  The funny thing is that I ended up going to University of Georgia, haha!

1987, I was 6.  And I STILL have those bangs.  

I LOVE this costume.  Seriously, this is an epic costume.  I wish I still had that hat.

This was "Me and My Teddy Bear."

Moving along - this is 1988.  With a perm.  :-/

Me and my daddy!

Hated these costumes, lol.  

1989. You see I spent the majority of the '80s with awful bangs. Jeez. I did love this tutu, though; I loved everything about it.

I was super stoked to stand next to the girls in the pointe shoes.

This was "Calendar Girl." I was August, the bathing beauty, and wearing an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, yellow polka dot bikini!

Finally, I was tall!  It only lasted a few years.

Well that's all the childhood dance photos I could round up.

But here's a picture of the rabbit I had when I was 8; it's name was Fluffy.  I had no idea if Fluffy was a boy or girl, but he/she was a super chill and sweet rabbit. 

I hope you enjoyed my trip through the past!  Special thanks to my mom (for taking me to dance for many, many years) and dad (for taking such great action shots on stage).


Amy/Aprons and A-Lines said...

Happy birthday!! I'm hitting the 3-0 in a few weeks, so I feel your pain!

Anonymous said...

Aw, so cute MA! You have always been so graceful and beautiful. I am still kind of shocked that you're a natural blonde. Both colors look great on you. Happy Birthday and welcome to the 30s! It's fun here, I promise ;)

Nate said...

Happy Birthday M A! I hope you have a great day!

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday!

SarahKL3 said...

Happy birthday miss Mary Ann!!!!! Haha I <3 the pics:)
Love Sk!

Chrissy said...

Yep, I'm a recent crossover into the thirty club myself, LOL. Not so bad, you'll get used to it!

Can't believe how BLONDE you were as a child. Is your natural color still that light? I always thought that you dyed it darker, but had no idea to the extent!:)

Mary Ann said...

Thanks for all the comments and birthday wishes!

Chrissy - it's not quite that light. More of a boring dark blonde, hence the dye job. ;-)

Sherry said...

How stinkin' cute are you!!!!!! And happy way be-lated b-day! Such great photos!!

Keely Valentine said...

your adoreable!! Happy late birthday!