Wednesday, July 6, 2011

DIY Style: Woven Braided Curb Chain Bracelet

Here's another bracelet project {DIY Woven Chain Bracelet} I saw at Honestly...WTF.  I really like this one; it's so simple.  Much simpler than the {braided hex nut bracelet}, but then again, I complicated mine by adding chains, clasps, jump-rings, etc.

I bought these two small curb chain bracelets at the Canton Street Antique Market in Roswell, GA, for $3 each.  The embroidery floss is only 40 cents each at Hobby Lobby (I used DMC colors: white, ecru, 154, 915, 3607, and 3740).  Each bracelet ended up costing roughly $4ish.  Not too bad.  I love how you can choose as many or as few colors as you like. I decided to make one a neutral cream and the other pink and plum.

I modified their directions just a little.  On the cream bracelet, I used 2 sets of 5 strands of thread (10 total), and on the purple bracelet, I used 2 sets of 8 strands of thread (16 total).  Also, because my chain links were much smaller, I used a small hairpin instead of a bobby pin.  It was a little confusing as first, figuring out which strand crossed over and under where, but it soon became clear and easy.

Check out their tutorial and make your own!!

Supplies (I detached that random flower charm)
Halfway through the process
Finished bracelets


Amy said...

Those are so pretty!

Mary Ann said...

Thanks Amy, I'm glad you like it! ;-)

Trina said...

Fabulous! I'm planning to make mine soon!

Davina said...

these are so cute!!
i'm deff making some of these!
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