Sunday, September 4, 2011

Outfit Of The Day: Casual In Shorts

Shirt: Gap {here, on sale!} {last seen in this post}
Shorts: LOFT {here} {last seen in this post}
Floppers: Jeffrey Campbell {last seen in this post}
Sunglasses: Christian Dior "Airspeed 2" {here} {last seen in this post}
Earrings: Made by a friend from flattened quarters {last seen in this post}
Bracelets: Purchased in Mexico

I love these earrings - one went missing in my car for over two months.  I finally found it last night.  When I lived in Boston, I met an interesting girl who also made jewelry (I was just getting started with jewelry making at this point).  She was wearing a pair of these and I was amazed to find out she made them from flattening and hammering US quarters.  I asked her to make me a pair and even offered to pay, but she insisted I have them free of charge.  They're still some of my favorites to this day.


Katherine said...

I love the outfit! And how cool that you found the earrings after so long, lol. By the way - your eyes are absolutely amazing!

Mary Ann said...

Thanks Katherine!

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

That is such a cool concept. The earring are very nice. I like the whole outfit. Perfect ending for summer.


Mary Ann said...

Thanks Erin!