Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Outfit Of The Day: Coolfront

Leather Jacket: Berman's (vintage) {similar style here} {last seen in this post}
Jeans: LOFT {here} {last seen in this post}
Belt: Ann Taylor {here}
Shoes: Sigerson Morrison
Necklace: Temple St. Clair for Target {last seen in this post}
Earrings: Kendra Scott "Danielle" {here} {and here} {last seen in this post}

All the torrential rains and tornadoes in the Southeast have brought some pleasantly cool weather.  I love that I can wear jeans right now and not start sweating as soon as I walk outside.  Here's my I'm ready for fall to start look.  Are you as ready as I am?


Wendy said...

Love Love Love it! Do you pick out your outfit the night before? If you teach at night, do you wear these outfits there or where during the day? I really like that necklace from Target.

Anonymous said...

Wow, i love that jacket! and those shoes are great! and your bunny is cute as always.

Mary Ann said...

Thank you!

Wendy - I don't usually pick out an entire outfit the night before, but sometimes I decided which shoes, for example, I want to wear the next day. I wear these outfits during the day and to the dance studio, but I usually change into sweatpants once I get there.

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

I love the jacket. Very original. It is a fantastic color on you.


Mary Ann said...

Thanks Erin - I found it in a thrift store in Los Angeles for less than $30. I was very excited. ;-)

Katherine said...

I never get tired of seeing your bunny :) Love the rich red color of your jacket!

Mary Ann said...

Thanks Katherine - I really like it, too!

Marissa Joy said...

Great leather jacket! Thanks for your comment-following you now!

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