Saturday, May 26, 2012

Aqua Ruffles

Dress: Made by me {last seen here}
Shoes: Christian Louboutin "Decollete" {here} {similar here}
Clutch: Asos {similar here}
Earrings: thanks to Foxy Originals {here}
Bracelets: Target {similar here} and vintage {similar here}
Watch: Michael Kors {similar here}

Happy Saturday friends! If this dress looks familiar, you may recognize the style from this post. I made it several years ago by combining three different patterns and redrafting a sleeve pattern. The fabric color is hard to capture on camera - it's a pretty light aqua and I corrected the last photo to show it more true to color. I found the fabric in the clearance bin for $4/yard. It's a fairly easy to make and wear dress, and lately I've been getting the itch to make more things! Thank you so much for visiting!

PS - tomorrow is my birthday!


Amy Fashion Blog said...

Happy early birthday. Such a cute dress.

R.Ramakrishnan said...

Hi Mary Ann
That's a nice soft textured dress and you look gorgeous. Love that little white rabbit at your feet. Happy Birthday Mary Ann. May all your wishes be fulfilled and all your dreamz and dezires come true.
Best Wishes & Warm Regards Ram

shoppingtherapy said...

lovely dress,the rabbit is adorable!!

shoppingtherapy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!wish you all the best!!

Caroline Robianto said...

sooo cute :)

My Name is Jacy said...

LOVE THAT DRESS!!!!! Love the whole look :)

Happy Birthday tomorrow Mary Ann!! Mine is MONDAY :) We are close in age I bet :)

Enjoy your weekend!

pqaua1991 said...

Wow great dress ! You look Beautifull :) ps happy birth :)

Grace said...

You are so great at making things! I love the ruffles on this dress. It's flirty and fun. P.s. that side bun is just fab. I've tried to perfect a side bun...but let's just say I have drastically failed!

A Southern Drawl

Rachel said...

Happy early birthday!
Such a cute dress...your skills never cease to amaze me!

Anonymous said...

You made that dress?? wow! It's awesome :) I love the ruffles!! Happy early birthday :)

Emily said...

Happy birthday, you pretty girl! I hope it's a great one. Let me say that that bunny is totally precious. You guys look cute together. (; You made that dress? Wow, you're good. It's adorable. Your clutch is insanely wonderful. It's the ideal size, and looks fantastic!

May the force be with you.

Frannie Pantz said...

I hope your birthday is/was simply lovely. Your dress is so pretty. I love that bow and the great color!

Carrie said...

Happy birthday! I'm impressed that you pieced your pattern together from 3 different ones and redrafted the sleeve. Beautiful color, too. :)

Elisabetta said...

today is your day, so I wish you the happiest birthday ever, I don't know your exact age, but count for each year a big kiss from me!

GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

The dress is very pretty. Cannot believe you made it. You must be so talented.

lapetiteblonde said...

lovey look dear!!thanks for your comment and follow you on google friends connect=)

Sara Shoemaker said...

You have a pet bunny?! That is completely adorable, it looks fake it's so perfectly cute. Wow way to be totally awesome at making your own clothes. That's what I've always wanted to do! Looks great :)

The House of Shoes

Mrs C said...

You made your own dress?? Wow, that's amazing! I am really impressed :) Hope you'll have a great birthday celebration and Happy Birthday!

Come check out my post on vacation outfit here:

Catherine @ Not Dressed As Lamb said...

Mary Ann your bunny is just the most adorable accessory ever... so gorgeous!!! And I can't believe you made the dress, wow it's spectacular (love the silhouette)!

I've seen enough... am now your newest follower!

Catherine x

Tisha said...

Thank you for the comment. I know someone from Atlanta too, my ex boyfriend who migrated from the Philippines :(
anyway Great blog im following you now.

Ashley said...

OMG that bunny! Too cute...goes really well with the dress! :) Just found your blog and love your style! Now following.


Theagnes87 said...

thanks for your inventation,
you look very nice.
Funny bunny :)

Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) said...

I can't believe you made that dress! It's so girly I was hoping to find out where you got it from LOL!

Happy belated birthday! :)

Dana said...

I am in love with Bandit! He is SOO freakin' cute!! oh.. I like the dress too... (haha)


Baby Budget Blog said...

Really pretty dress and I hope you had a great birthday!!! Gorgeous clutch btw!

May Loh said...

Wow....Beautiful dress! Wish I had such sewing talents! Love your bunny....he is so so cute! Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment...sorry it took me so long to reply! Have a fabulous weekend!
May x

Ulia Ali said...

This is sooo pretty! I want your dress :)