Sunday, April 28, 2013

Something Different with REVOLT

Hi friends! I'm going to talk about something different today. I was approached by the Revolt Fitness team to try out the program and blog about it. At first I was hesitant - I don't like working out. It's boring. I'm a dancer (primarily trained in ballet) and find no artistic expression or quality in working out - no aesthetic appeal to the movements. And I'm not used to moving my body that way. I like slow pliĆ©s at the barre and fast petit allegro in the center. Dance challenges both my mind and body as I work towards improving my technique and creating interesting movement. 

But these days, I'm not dancing 3-6 hours per day like I was in college (now, only for a few hours on Sundays and I teach dance during the week) and slowly my body is becoming something I don't like as much as I used to. David and I have been talking about working out for a year or two, but I since I despise going to the gym, I have avoided starting any workout program. The Revolt program, founded by Nichole Huntsman, works by combining three elements: the 20-40 minute workout (which you can do in the privacy of your own home delivered daily through videos), the meal plan (which you can customize and there's also a free day on Saturday [eat what you want!]), and a community (you can start with others and track your progress together). And it's all available for roughly 35 cents per day. So why did I start? Well because, quite frankly, as a blogger, I get to try it for free. I've had the inkling in my mind for a while that I needed to do something, and this opportunity and motivation has come along at the right time.

David and I started the "kickstart" last week and we were certainly sore at first! But I think it will be worth it. I will be tracking our progress weekly. We both noticed changes in only one week.
You can see that I dropped 1% and David dropped 2% in total body fat. My goal is to get to somewhere between 18-20% body fat and David's goal is to get to 135-140 pounds. I plan to blog about this for about 12 weeks and will probably dedicate Fridays as Fitness Fridays. If you'd like to check out the program, head to Revolt Fitness.

For the upcoming week, I will be doing a new Week of Vintage, so my Friday post may end up delaying until Saturday. Stick around friends, I hope this will be a fun journey!

*Please note, I get to try this program for free and blog about it, but the opinions expressed are my own.


Gi said...

Well done on the 1% drop for the week! As a fellow Revolt Blogger I am trying to get a feel for what we should be writing about as I just dribble rubbish on my blog daily. I love the way you write, so eloquent! Looking forward to hearing all about your journey.
Love Gi

RadiantKristen said...

That's fantastic! I skipped the quick start, but it's great to know that other bloggers are already seeing so much success with the program :)

Joan Estacio said...

Hi revolt blogger here! I just love your site!!Packed with a lot of things that I cant resist to follow~