Sunday, June 16, 2013

REVOLT: Week 8

Hi friends! I'm checkin' in with my latest Revolt results and I'm still pleased. I did a few of the workouts this past week and have been stickin' to the meal plan ideals as much as possible.  I've started to incorporate the meal plan as a lifestyle now - it's definitely getting more familiar and easier. Before, I used to plan my grocery shopping based on whatever fancy and thoroughly detailed meal recipes I followed...spending a lot of time at the grocery store hunting for specific ingredients. I never really knew how to make "basics." Now, I can shop for my basics - meat, salad, veggies, eggs, and Greek yogurt (throw in a few other randoms) and get in and out of the store so much quicker! On Saturday I bought about $10 worth of steak and cut it into 9 small servings. Here are my latest stats (click here to learn more about Revolt):

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Style Eyes said...

That maxi skirt is amazing, I can't believe that you got it for $5! the colour is really beautiful on you.