Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Closet Story

Hi friends - I'm here today to post about a project that has taken several weeks to complete - building a coat closet. Here's the story: my new condo originally had a coat closet by the front door (I know this because it's in the original floor plans). Some owner at some point removed the partition between the coat closet and the bedroom closet that was connected to it, removed the coat closet door, and studded/drywalled/mudded where the door was. This created a much larger bedroom closet, which is awesome. Except I want a coat closet. In a small space (such as an apartment or condo), I like to have a designated landing area for coats and keys and mail, etc. So the day after I closed, my dad and I got to work on this project!

Here is the floor plan to better visualize what we're working with. The original plan on the left shows the space as two closets - one coat closet and one bedroom closet. The existing plan on the right shows how it was modified. My intention was to take it back to its original plan.

The first thing my dad did was make a hole inside the closet where the door used to be. In this picture, you can see there is no coat closet door by the front door. The Dapper Dad cut a hole on the inside of the closet (from the bedroom) to find out if the original door frame still existed.

A few more cuts and a few more holes later, we discover the original door frame is intact and have a walk-through space.

This created a ton of mess, as expected. My dad bought and installed a 6-panel prehung door frame in the correct size at Home Depot (I didn't even know you could buy this - the frame and door is ready to go).

The next task was installing studs where the new (or old, however you want to look at it) partition is supposed to go. My dad added extra support since he knew we would be hanging shelving on both sides. After that, he brought up sheetrock. We had to break each piece in half to get it in the elevator. In the meantime, I had ordered my coat closet shelving system online and was waiting on delivery.

After screwing the sheetrock into the studs, we started the spackling, mudding, sanding, and washing the walls (in a cute mask, no less!). We salvaged some of the leftover baseboards and cut new pieces to finish out the bottom edges of the partition.

It finally feels like we're starting to get somewhere. I primed and painted the coat closet a shade close to Tiffany blue. I took a Tiffany box to Home Depot to find a shade that was a close match. Behr Jamaica Bay was not too far off and I had them add 25% white to the formula to mellow it out a bit more (shown before painting second coat).

I ordered the closet shelving system from You can design your closet on their website by inputting your measurements. I decided I wanted the tall hanging space on the left for long coats and that I wanted that section to be 15 inches wide - you can customize your widths easily. I wanted shelves with hanging space on the right so I could use baskets to organize things like keys, dog leash, mail, gloves, scarves, Bandit's things and Sugar Plum's things. The closet ships the next day (shipping is included in the price) and arrives a few days later. Everything was customized and cut to the size I needed. My dad installed the white track bar and I hung and installed all the shelving and clothing rods. I purchased the baskets at Home Goods.

Meanwhile, the other side of the closet (connected to the bedroom) needed work, too. I recycled leftover paint from the last owner (the only color I liked in this whole condo, which is Behr Chinese Jade, a muted minty sage shade). There was just enough in the can to paint this closet. Dad and I recycled the wire shelving that was in there from the beginning (plus bought more at Home Depot). 

That's where I'm at in my closet progress. There's still a few things to do - paint the door and trim of the newly installed coat closet; fit the track bar cover to size and paint it blue to cover the white track from Easy Closets; and pick out a door handle for the new coat closet door. This project has taken a month and I'm ready to be done with it! Thanks so much for dropping by - I hope you enjoyed this lengthy glimpse in my home renovating projects.


Real College Student of Atlanta said...

WOW!!! i'm really impressed. the final product is awesome and I love the color you painted the closet walls!

Alex Gens said...

It looks great!

XO Alex

Rachel said...

Brilliant! Great to have a dad who's so handy!

Jeans and a Teacup said...

Wow! What a project! It looks great though! I agree, I like a closet for coats and such. I don't have one in my apartment right now and it's really annoying.
Jeans and a Teacup

B said...

Great post! Love the colors you chose. Can't wait to see what else you do to the place. I envy you having a Dad who's a handyman! Yeah for Dads!