Tuesday, July 9, 2013

REVOLT: Week 11

Hi friends! I'm checking in again for my second to last post with Revolt. After all the moving mayhem from two weeks ago, I still haven't caught back up. There are boxes everywhere and I haven't even bothered to unpack my kitchen as I want to re-do it in the super near future. That means I haven't been able to meal plan as well as I would like to, but I am still trying to eat healthy. I'm definitely not getting in my 6 smalls meals per day, which accounts for some recent weight loss (but not fat loss). As for working out, well those have consisted of moving heavy things, carrying large objects, and lots of stretching and reaching with trying to paint these vaulted ceiling walls, ha! Here are my latest stats (click to enlarge):

Since an overwhelming 80% of you would like me to keep my home decor and design content on this blog, here's a few pics of what I've been up to! Disclaimer - there are ZERO cute or fashionable outfits in this post!

The Dapper Dad and David take a moving break (my Walsh Movers - Boston's Number One Mover boxes are leftover from my Boston days. These boxes have now been through 5 moves!)
Keepin' it real in my hot pink shirt and red shorts.
On top of a very tall ladder (color - Sherwin Williams Passive).
The mysterious fridge - woke up 2 mornings in a row to find the door cracked. Inside was completely warm and all frozen food defrosted. Twice. Sigh. Taped this sucker shut finally.
The Dapper Dad (who also calls himself The Painting Ninja) helps paint (color - Sherwin Williams Gray Matters).
This bathroom - the walls were covered in a faux finish with a bumpy texture. We all power and hand sanded these for about a day or so. After 3 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint - they look pretty darn good.
The Dapper Dad and Mom knock out some late night painting. We're covering up the tan color we call "summer pecan." More on that later.


Marionberry Style said...

Okay...so I'm totally late to tell you "Congrats!" on the house...but better late then never! A huge congrats Mary Ann! Looking forward to seeing all the makeover posts (I voted in the poll...I think you should keep it on this blog and just expand the content!)
xo - Marion

Little-Hat said...

Oooh! Excited to see what comes of your interior decorating projects!!


Cassandra Too said...

SO nice to see houses coming together! Really excited fr you!

with love, Cassandra xx

s said...

cant wait to see the final! xO!