Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Cute Office Nook

Hi friends! I'm so glad to share a "home" post with you - it's been quite a while because I keep getting started on projects and not finishing them! Or rather...taking a break while searching for more inspiration. My second bedroom, as a whole, is nowhere near finished, but I've finally completed this cute little corner. I started this project in January during the massive Snowcation in Atlanta - finally now, at the end of May, it's done! Keep reading for details and inspiration pictures...

PS - some updates have been made to the original look - scroll to the bottom to see!

After painting the room, my first step was to find a desk in the right size. I wanted something no larger than 36 inches wide - most new desks were 45 inches or larger. I hit several antique expos and stores and found this wonderful piece, exactly 36 inches wide, at my ballroom dance client's antique store, The Queen of Hearts in Alpharetta, GA, for roughly $125! It was originally a cream color and had very basic knobs so a coat of white paint and clear acrylic knobs from Home Depot helped it! Next I went in search of those gold shelf brackets at Ikea like my first inspiration pic (below) - they were unfinished wood and only $3 each, if I remember correctly, and the white shelf was cheap, too. Throw in a can of gold spray paint, done and done. I wanted an upholstered Parsons chair that wasn't antique and I found this one, along with the black and white striped blanket (second inspiration pic) at Ikea recently. The chair legs were natural wood color so I painted them the same color as the desk. I found the pillow form and fabric at JoAnn Fabrics, and put that together on my sewing machine very quickly. The last thing I did was add the pom poms to the curtains - I love pom poms...you might remember me adding them to this vintage dress last year.

Wall Paint - Sherwin Williams "Gray Matters"
Desk - Antique {similar here, here, and here}
Desk Paint - Sherwin Williams "Snowbound"
Desk knobs - Home Depot {here}
Shelf Brackets - Ikea "Ekby Valter" {here}
Shelf - Ikea "Ă–sten" {here}
Curtains - Ikea "Merete" {here}
Pom pom trim - JoAnn
Pillow fabric and form - JoAnn
Chair - Ikea "Harry" {here}
Blanket - Ikea "Eivor" {here}
Lamp - Antique
Floral accent - Made by me from an old candle holder
Flowers - Michaels 
Large ballerina picture - Home Goods (gift from a student)

The second ballerina from the left in the "Little Swans" picture is me!

Thanks so much for stopping by! It's my birthday today, too. :-)

Update: Just a minor change here. This bench originally belonged to my Grandma and when I acquired it, I replaced the fabric cover. I chose a tropical print with coral accents and decided to update the fabric on the desk chair pillow, as well.

And I've finished another corner of this room, using an Ikea dresser with vintage handles, repurposing my Grandma's 60s/70s lamp which I painted coral, and adding a new mirror! See more details here!


Interested Fan said...

I love your office space, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Question - where do you keep your printer, or do you not have a printer?

Mary Ann said...

Thank you! I don't have a printer right now. ;-)

alison*elle said...

Happy Birthday, Mary Ann! Love your new office space... those pompoms on the curtains are adorable.

xo, alison*elle

Alela Sirah said...

I love how chic this is. I could only wish for my desk to be this neat!

Jeans and a Teacup said...

Happy Birthday! And I love the office! The pom pom curtains are so cute!
Jeans and a Teacup

misslucelocket said...

Happy Birthday! Gorgeous space! The pom poms are so cute, I think I'm in love.. Love all of the details, so well thought out. I love the concept of just tackling a small space in a room rather than having to take on the whole room. Thanks for the inspiration, Lucy x

Ghost Writer said...

Did you pre-shrink those curtains before sewing on the Pom poms? I've got the curtains but thought I should check with someone who has already attempted this project before proceeding.

Mary Ann said...

Great question, Ghost Writer. I did not wash the curtains prior.

Linda Felkel said...

Hallo Mary Ann,

Your little office looks very pretty and stylish.

I wrote a message on Pinterest: would like to know how you solved the problem with the Apple CPU. On the photo rarely visible. As well as the problem one always have with the cables. How did you solve this?

Looking forward to your reply.
Regards from Germany

Mary Ann said...

Great question, Linda. In the iMac, the CPU is built into the monitor, so there is no additional box. As for the cables, I have one that plugs the monitor into the wall - that's behind the desk. Everything else is wireless (mouse and keyboard). When I use the USB, I unplug and store the cable when done. Thanks for asking!!

-Mary Ann