Sunday, September 14, 2014

Altuzarra for Target (A Few Pieces in Review)

Greetings and Happy Sunday, friends! Today is the release of the Altuzarra for Target collection and I was anxious to check it out this morning (not anxious enough to get up super early to stalk the store opening, but excited enough to get out of the house a bit earlier than normal, hence the tired eyes in the photos). Anyways, I haven't looked forward to any of the Target designer collaborations since Rodarte in 2009, but this one definitely contained a few items I was interested in, namely the long orchid dress and the maroon dress. A lot of this collection, in my opinion, has a 1970s vibe to it, and I love some '70s fashion (y'all probably don't know that I was an extra in Anchorman 2 last year - awful movie, but awesome experience - loved the costuming). So here we go....

First up is the "Satin Floral Maxi Dress" with orchid print. This is the dress I was most excited to see in person, however, I was disappointed. Aside from the fact that they didn't have my size so the fit is all off, the quality of the fabric was less than what I was expecting, as was the stitching. The part where the slit is - it's like the thread tension on their sewing machines was wrong so the seams aren't smooth. Also, looking at the promo shots, the bodice is a little different. The retail version crosses over more and the ruched waistband is skinnier (and also didn't continue to the back of the dress like I would have wanted). I think it's overpriced at $70, however, I like it enough that I may consider ordering online it in my size before making a final decision. Trying on a size 6, way too big for me.

Up next is the second dress I was very interested in, the "Wrap Dress - Ruby Hill." This one I wasn't expecting to like as much as I did. I love the color - it's perfect for Fall, especially with the long sleeves. I also love the tie/sash. The tassel detail is my favorite and I was glad to see that it wasn't a neck scarf (as shown in the promo pic). I tried this on in a 2 and a 4, and while the 2 fit better in the shoulders and sleeves, it was too high-waisted for me and the hips were a bit too snug, so I went with the 4. I will also sew the bodice crossover shut so it doesn't gape open; I may shorten the sleeves, as well. I think this one looked better in person than it does on me in the picture. Shown in size 4 and purchased.

The next dress I tried on was the "Peasant Dress Swiss Dot." My friend was interested in this one so I sent her pictures. I saw the long version online and like that one, too! I thought this one was cute and I liked how the top fit me, however, the bottom was very frumpy. I would definitely need this hemmed. Trying on a size 4, may consider ordering online in either the short or long version and in size 2. Still undecided, however, because that's a lot of polyester and Georgia heat/humidity + poly is not a very good combo.

The last item I took pictures of was the "Sweater with Crane Embroidery." I really like this sweater - it's soft, and comfy, and I love the gold embroidery. However, I think this is overpriced at $50 (the embroidery is glued/ironed on, not sewn on [REVISED: I went back to Target later for something else and re-examined this sweater. I was wrong - the embroidery is actually sewn on. There is a piece of black fabric fused to the back of the embroidery to presumably keep the metallic threads from scratching the skin.]) and I will wait to see if it goes on clearance. Trying on a size Small, will buy if it goes on clearance.

I did try on a couple more items, but didn't take pictures because I either forgot or was in a hurry. Overall, I really like the look of the collection and there are some nice pieces (the jacquard and velvet fabrics were nice, particularly this Jacquard Pencil Skirt), but there are some cheap quality items, too. I will continue to keep my eyes open for when/if it goes on clearance! Thanks so much for stopping by.


M @ My Closet Catalogue said...

Thanks for the sneak peek from a real person's perspective. My local store never gets them in so I'm reduced to purchasing online, which I did at midnight PST. Did you by any chance manage to try on the red velvet blazer or the orchid print dress? Those are the items I bought and am curious to see what you thought of their quality. Also, do you feel the line fits true to size or smaller, as per usual with Target/designer collabs?

Mary Ann said...

Thanks so much for stopping by M! I tried on neither the pieces you mention, but I did see them in person. I thought the maroon velvet blazer was really nice. I'd be tempted to buy it myself if I didn't already own something similar. If you're referring to the purple short orchid print dress, I wasn't super impressed with the quality. It was a typical polyester number. I think the collection it runs just slightly smaller. I've gotten XS and 2s in other collections, but I preferred Smalls and 4s in this one. Thanks!

M @ My Closet Catalogue said...

Excellent! Now I know which to return. I'm currently on a 90-Day Spending Fast but I made an exception for this collection because I always make it a point to acquire at least one item per Target/designer collab. :D Did you by any chance see the orchid print button up or the black dress with white cuffs? Those are second on my list to purchase should the velvet blazer or the purple dress not pan out.

Mary Ann said...

M - I did see the orchid button up - it was nice. I did not see the other. Hope you enjoy some of it! ;-)

Engineer L said...

I also shopped the Altuzarra for Target collection today and posted a bunch of reviews on my blog. My favorite pieces were definitely the jacquard pencil skirt and the gold crane dress. I also really liked the red wrap dress you got. :)

@M, I wrote detailed reviews of the orchid print dress and button up on my blog. Working on the review for the red velvet blazer. Didn't see the black dress though.

Kellys Reality said...

Super cute! You may have convinced me to buy that maroon dress ;)

Mary Ann said...

@Engineer - I enjoyed reading your reviews, thanks for posting! We are very similar in size except I'm more hippy and less shouldery. :-)

@Kelly - I hope you enjoy it! ;-)

Dawn Lucy said...

Great review and your dressing room photos are SO much better than mine! ;) Here's my review if you get a chance to check it out.
Dawn Lucy

The Fashion Palate said...

Great review! I love the boho maxi dress, the shorter version was just as cute. I'm just torn about what color to choose!

Olga Pazilova said...

Great review! I loved long black dress, but don't have an occasion to wear it, so I decided to pass. Looks beautiful on you though! Agree about the sweater. It's really nice, but I'll wait for it to go on sale :) I was lucky to get the last black trench coat and love it! What did you think about shoes? I got both boots, but thinking about returning.

Mary Ann said...

@Dawn and @Franci - thanks, I enjoyed reading your reviews!

@Olga - I wasn't impressed with the shoes. At the risk of sounding snobby, I just don't like cheap shoes! Can't do it. ;-)

s said...

that dress! so hot! xO!


Rebecca said...

Thanks so much for giving us a glimpse of this awesome new the gorgeous maxi!!!


Jeans and a Teacup said...

I love the maroon dress! You picked a good one! I'm always interested in these Target collabs but they never seem to have a wide selection at my stores. I didn't see any of these pieces!
Jeans and a Teacup