The Dapper Bun, launched in 2010, showcases my collection of budget-friendly accoutrements, with the occasional luxury item thrown in. If you love classic glamour - all things vintage, including hair styles, fashion, makeup, and accessories - you will fit in well here!

I shop on a budget. Many items come from Target and mall store clearance racks. I've never paid full price for my designer items and most of these were acquired through sample sales, discount stores, super clearance, and outlets, or second-hand through consignment and thrift shops, eBay, or friends' closet donations. I enjoying thrifting as I typically don't go with a plan - discovering the surprises and bargains is part of the fun. I usually search for classic pieces that can be worn time and time again in silhouettes that complement my body shape.

Name: Mary Ann

Age: 36

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Stats: I'm about 5'4" with a long torso, short legs, and ample hips. I'm borderline petite - because my legs are short, I prefer petite length skirts and pants, but with my long torso, I usually cannot wear petite sized tops. I'm a Gemini on the Taurus cusp. ISTJ.

Job: I teach dance classes (mostly ballet and ballroom dance) for children and adults and hold a BSEd in Dance Education. I also have a few interesting and random side jobs in the event planning industry, and occasionally I work as an extra on television and movie productions.

My bun: He was a sassy, almost 7 year old Dwarf Hotot named Bandit. See all of his posts {here}. Bandit returned to his maker after surgery complications on 4/1/2015. I really miss him.

Camera: I use a Canon Rebel T3 with the 50mm f/1.8 lens.